Beer Can Chicken Recipe: The Ultimate Barbie

Beer Can Chicken Recipe: The Ultimate Barbie

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We call it Beer Can Chicken, you may call it Drunken Chicken – either way, this method of cooking a chicken is incredible!!

Whether you do it on a coal barbecue or in a hot oven like we did, the beer helps to keep the meat amazingly succulent. Served with a simple salad that can be thrown together in minutes. Just try to avoid smirking as you slip the chicken over the can!

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  1. Pelle McKruth

    For all my celiaks friends; I tried this with gluten free beer and it was delicious~~

    (some can be a little bland, so in that case I would just put some herbs in the can to cook with it~)

  2. Why does ale sound like 'a' hole?

  3. Y'all in the video and other comments surely are reacting with shock. I have to assume it's not as common in other places. This is normal cookin where I'm from (Southern USA).

    A great tip is to put a lot of spices or herbs in the beer can before you stick it in and cook it. So good!

  4. I know this sounds weird but can you put said instead? If not what are the alternatives? 

  5. 이성주 (Lee Seongjoo)

    Is it safe to use a beer can coated?

  6. Ilona Takácsová

    u mean chicken's va-jay-jay

  7. Mary-Jo Zilveti

    I love Jamie, mainly when he cooks with Ben. He plays with the cameraman and is really funny. We'll talking about sorted food, this recipe looks amazing and have to try it ASAP. 

  8. What is to loose? Space on my phone…

  9. the way they cook, not serious

  10. we really hate their accent. The way they talk, look like they're joking accent

  11. I worry the can of beer will explode in the oven!

  12. Solomia Vysotska

    what a mess they create! men..

  13. Molly Cosgrove

    Could this work with cider instead?

  14. When you're juicing your lemon or lime, stick a fork in it and squeeze it around the fork to get out all of the juice. 

  15. i had a vegetarian friend.. but then i made her discover bacon.

  16. TheGirlWithAKeyboard

    How many women cringed during this?

  17. We also make this in México, we call it Pollo Violado (Raped Chicken), great recipe :)

  18. Tapio Alatalo

    2:51 the chicken is taking it in the butt 

  19. This is under healthy recipes… But with the beer and butter… Is it really?

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