Beer Brewing Ingredients & Kits with Thomas Monti – Chapter 2 – Home Brew by U

Beer Brewing Ingredients & Kits with Thomas Monti – Chapter 2 – Home Brew by U

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Beer Brewing Ingredients & Kits with Thomas Monti - Chapter 2 - Home Brew by U

Learn about beer brewing ingredients with Thomas Monti of Schoolhouse Beer & Brewing. Class starts now!

Home Brew by U Chapter 2 – Beer Brewing Ingredients

In Chapter 1, we looked at the equipment needed for beer brewing. Now let’s take a look at all the ingredients.

In general, beer is a fermented beverage made with cereal grain. The grains are combined with hops, yeast and water to create the magic called beer. Of course, the trick is getting the proper combination of ingredients to make a tasty brew. Schoolhouse can show you how.

But if you’re not quite ready to create your own beer recipe, try one of our home-brew extract kits. These beer brewing ingredient kits are available in a variety of flavors and styles and all include the following:

– A Specialty Grain
– Dry Malt Extract or Liquid Malt Extract
– Hops
– Yeast
– Priming Sugar

Your homework assignment is to experiment with ales, lagers, stouts and more to find the beer style that suits your personal taste. When you’re ready, you can buy your beer brewing ingredients from our e-commerce store. Schoolhouse has all the ingredients you need to craft your perfect beer.

Schoolhouse Beer and Brewing’s mission is to help everyone learn about craft beer, home brewing and learning how to brew your own beer. From our taps to our takeaways, our goal is to give your mind all the delicious knowledge it can handle. This is consumer education the way it ought to be.

As Ben Franklin once said:

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!”

Be happy! Stop by Schoolhouse Beer and Brewing in Marietta GA today. Or shop on-line for beer brewing ingredients from our new e-commerce store.

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