Beer Brewing Business

Beer Brewing Business

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In 2011, “Heinrich Schulz” has become a top seller. For the 2012 – 2014 year, we have implemented 37 projects of various sizes – from small restaurant breweries to industrial breweries with big capacity. The company “Heinrich Schulz” has launched more than 60 projects and 3 more projects are being implemented. None of the foreign suppliers of brewing equipment can boast such growth and scale.
Our brewing equipment has huge advantages. Firstly, you are not just buy a brewery, and:
• Prospects. Microbrewery in the future may well turn into a brewery.
• Business development. Customers of your restaurant will be very happy to find a live beer menu.
• Design. Equipment for brewery looks very nice and stylish, elegantly complement the interior of your restaurant
With our equipment for the production of beer can be made 100 to 5000 liters per day. The cost of the kit include: installation and configuration of equipment, training of staff cooking, recipes.
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