Beer Battered Fish n Chips Recipe: P.A.N Global Cooking Challenge

Beer Battered Fish n Chips Recipe: P.A.N Global Cooking Challenge

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Get a some British flavor with a little southern flair with this light & crispy beer battered fish and chips recipe. It’s so easy y’all and uses Harina P.A.N white cornmeal! #panfan

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Thank you P.A.N for partnering with me on this video!!!

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  1. Makayla Hemingway

    Omg can you please makes a video on how to bake some good ol shrimp

  2. BeautyHaven98

    I just found your channel and I love it! I def will be on your website getting recipes! 

  3. Half the fish n chip shops in london dont look as good as this lol find one in central london otherwise you are going to be disappointed lol

  4. You always make me hungryyyyyy!


    we dont have p.a.n

  6. Jerrica Goncalves

    since im only 14 & i really wanna make this !!! would it still taste good without beer? 

  7. Make a new video

  8. +Divas Can Cook Hi! Can you please make a cinnamon roll or a sticky bun recipe pls!!
    P.S.: I tried your buttermilk pancake recipe and it turned out delicious!! thanks!!

  9. Salted chocolate chip cookies ? Please 

  10. Yes to your fish & chips!! I could eat them through the screen!! Lol! Just kidding!! Seriously though, your fish & chips look so good! I bet they taste great!

  11. Looks so good! Can u do a video on cooking steaks in one of your future videos?

  12. Valencia Davis

    Does the beer cook out of the fish n chips

  13. Mmmm can wait to try…

  14. Diva cooklish she's good

  15. It's perfect apart from the chips. They're usually very thick

  16. I love or cooking so much it is very easy too awesome cooker

  17. Oh my word … I live in Britain and I only wish my local chip shop did fish and chips like you!! That looks incredible! Come to my home town and teach them your version!

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