Basic Beer Brewing

Basic Beer Brewing

- in Beer Brewing Kit

Join Brewers Choice Director, David Kitchen as he steps you through the process of beer brewing using a Brewers Choice beer starter kit.


  1. No brew kettle? Gotta try this method.

  2. hey mate, I'm in saudi arabia and I'm stuck here; some ingredients and equipment are not available, what should I do?

    is there any other easier way?

  3. shut up and get to the details. Boiling water is the best and the cheapest. You are wasting my time and once again saying nothing

  4. 19:05 clean eh?

  5. why did you spray poison in the nozzle, and then directly filled a beer with sanitiser still in the nozzle, that first beer got the sanitiser 😀 great one

  6. Mr. Beer on steroids! hahaha…after you poured your 'finings' into the beer you didn't put the airlock on the lid before you put the lid back on. Had you popped your grommet into the beer, it would have been bad!  Great video, thank you!

  7. Brewing with cold water?

  8. Where do you get a fermenter like that?  I like it.  All the ones I find online and locally have snap on lids.   Can you provide me a link to purchase the one in this video?  Thanks!

  9. Alexander Barlow

    Woowlworth's. I remember that.

  10. 1 Tip. Don't rinse after sanitizing, water contains micro organism aswell so with rinsing you add new micro organism on your just cleaned stuff…

  11. Im brewing brew buddy. I tell you what this this tastes like fosters im very happy considering the amount of people told me home brew beer is rubbish. Mine is good :D

  12. BrewersChoiceTV

    Hi Johnny, We are using Brew San from Brewers Choice


  14. Hi BrewersChoiseTV we manufacture fermentation heaters 

  15. IMAGINETHATaustralia

    Cheers for this. Can't wait to start brewing!

  16. Good tutorial, just a couple of things to help the beginner though. When taking hydrometer readings always take the airlock out so the pressure difference caused by opening the tap doesn't cause the water in the airlock to be sucked back into the brew. A lot of times little fruit flies and bugs will congregate around the airlock and you don't want to suck any of those back in. Also make sure the temperature doesn't vary throughout the brew to much or it will be cloudy when served.

  17. wandatowellable

    David Kitchen is in the kitchen

  18. This video was very helpful, thanks alot! 🙂

  19. all good mate, its good now 🙂

  20. BrewersChoiceTV

    Hi Nick,

    Are you having trouble getting a good quality image? Please let us know so we can try and fix it.

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