A&W Root Beer Chicken Wings Recipe

A&W Root Beer Chicken Wings Recipe

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My A&W Root Beer Chicken Wings recipe. It’s delicious!


  1. Made wings similar to this a few years ago.  The recipe I had had bourbon in it as well.  

  2. Thanks Aaron. Next time I will try Sunkist Orange Fried Chicken Wings. That should be good as it will first be fan fried with Sunkist soda and then fried along with tempura batter for a crunchy skin.

  3. looks good

  4. Thanks Criselia. One guy from work rated it a 80%. I agree as it could use more flavor. I should add some honey or brown sugar to it next time and try to get the skin to be somewhat crispy looking.

  5. people usually mix with a spatula not chopsticks! it looked really good good job

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