All grain homebrewing, brewery tour

All grain homebrewing, brewery tour

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My all grain home brewing system, in between brews, I will have more videos up of the brewing process soon. I wanted this setup to look nice, as well as functional. I’ve seen some pretty crazy brew setups, figured I’d take my time and plan this out. Any questions feel free to ask.
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  1. cost?

  2. using the cooler for your mash, I take it your doing single step mash?  or step infusion?  cant use a heat source on the cooler.

  3. How do you get the water in the liquor pot?  do you stand on something?

  4. Pretty slick setup. One question, though, if this is indoors, what kind of ventilation do you have for when you are brewing, since you are using propane burners indoors? I would worry about buildup of carbon monoxide.

  5. Speak English Doc! We ain't scientists!!

  6. Your sparge arm has traps that you can't clean.  I assume you only use it for clean water sparging and not recirc?

  7. Love it

  8. That's amazing. Well done sir!

  9. StarSan

  10. Jaime Abraham Mejía Meré

    Hi, man!
    What is your first option when it comes to sanitize that equipment? Nice video BTW

  11. Robert Parkhill

    I am an amateur welder and am going to build something like this. what are the specs of that tower, e.g. height, width, gauge steel, etc. words of wisdom before starting this project?

  12. that is a good looking setup there you have

  13. Sidney Anderson

    Very nicely done. They say imitation is the highest form complement one can give. I plan on building a setup just like this but was wondering about three items. The use of copper ball valves…are they still going strong or have you upgraded to stainless? The use of your hoses verses silicon… Over time have your hoses gotten stiff? Your plate chiller… I assume you have used immersion chillers in the past… How do you find cleaning of the plates is hard easy compared to immersion? Thanks for your vid hope to hear from you. 

  14. Hoe my God.

  15. Nice setup, hope you also have ventilation setup for the propane as it generates carbon monoxide.  Surprised you have room for anything other than home brew….

  16. Wow! Excellent set-up!

  17. the walter white of home brew, love it. looking to build something like this myself but its looks quite expensive

  18. The man is serious about his beer

  19. Awesome set up, but how are you venting the carbon monoxide thrown off from the propane?

  20. Rafael Budin Guaraná

    This is awesome! So much better than the equipment I have down here in Brazil.

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