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“How to Brew” author John Palmer stops by Northern Brewer to brew an all-grain batch of a very special recipe. In our video, Palmer discusses his techniques for adding salts to brew water, mashing, batch sparging (versus fly sparging), chilling and fermentation. It’s a full-blown brew day with one of homebrewing’s most influential people. Grab a pint and enjoy the show.

Original recipe here… note: John Palmer has already tweaked it beyond the original form and it continues to be tweaked, but this is the original recipe from the way-back machine:


  1. Ten Twenty-One Brewing

    How long did the second sparse sit on the grains


  2. Walter LaFleur

    Is this the guy from Clerks?

  3. ok, tasting beer on skype, there's
     a thought.

  4. Hey  John,why run the chiller with     no   lid? I try and keep my  kettle covered   unless I have a  heat  source  to  make a up draft  close to  the  kettle.. Great  video,hope it  inspires  everyone to brew  next day  off  work.

  5. Steve Reinahrt

    Great video.  Thanks.  

  6. The legend himself. It's always fun to read the comments here.

    This is one of the first AG videos I watched when learning, and still find myself re-watching — or reading "the" book, and still continue to learn something new. Cheers! -Ian

  7. Great video! Helped a lot! Cheers!

  8. Excellent instructional video.  Palmer is as articulate here as he is in his book.  Best overview of mashing and batch sparging I've seen.

  9. I hope this isn't a beginners video because I was completely lost after he dropped the campden tablet

  10. Daney…you should take the time to listen to what John is saying.  He imparted a great deal of information in this video.  If you're not learning, you're going stale.

  11. Really good video! Check out my craft review

  12. Thanks for the video. I used to brew back in the 90's from extract and it was pretty good New Castle clone but life happened and stopped doing it.  I recently brewed a 5 gallon all grain batch for the first time, and I wasn't ready. (I didn't have spigot buckets or a false bottom) so everything was by hand. The beer was very forgiving so I got lucky. I learned alot here. I need some more equipment lol.

  13. This guy is the Walter White of beer making!!

  14. Nerds 

  15. popcorn sutton's way of making alcohol

  16. Railway Modeller Oz

    I have never understood why everyone thinks this guy is God. What makes him so special? He wrote an E-Book? Brewing is individual.

  17. Brett Vanderbrook

    Ben Jerry: I can't seem to direct reply to you, but the reason Americans use pellet hops is simply that they are cheaper, and more readily available. When I go to a homebrew store, they may have a few varieties available in whole leaf or plugs, but the vast majority of their stock will be pellet. Even commercial brewers use pellets.

  18. Okay so when using calcium chloride and calcium sulfate, could you use distiller water? Or should I just stick to my regular spring water? 

  19. Thanks man, I brewed an amber ale with extract and grain, carbonated in the bottle with priming sugar, it was okay. All grain is going to suit my taste much better, thanks. 

  20. Where can you buy those big stainless jugs?

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