A Soda Documentary: Vernors Ginger Ale

A Soda Documentary: Vernors Ginger Ale

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New soda documentary on one of the oldest soda still around, Vernors created in Detroit. Enjoy!


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  1. I just moved back to an area where i can get Vernors.. What a Total disappointment.. when did you Pussifie Vernors Ginger ail.. its no batter than Canada Dry now , which is worse than a Stale Flat old Vernors.It is RUINED !!!!!! . Youve LOST an old time fan of the VERY Last real Soda.. :-/ Like the rest of this screwed up Libral world you have given into the Cash rather than Quality , marketing scam..

  2. This is the soda of the gods.

  3. I love Vernor's. It's such a feel good pop. Usually helps you when you're feeling sick.

  4. Ohiomusical Sawman

    Very enjoyable review guys!! Vernor's is indeed very popular and easy to find in Ohio and Michigan. I became a Vernor's afficianado while living in Toledo, Ohio during the 90's. I've always like the taste of ginger, enjoy Ginger Snaps and Ginger Beer, but Vernor's is much easier to find in Ohio than Ginger Beer. Anyone who likes Ginger will love Vernor's.

  5. so freaking good

  6. My favorite soda. The best.

  7. Best darn soda ever.

  8. Christopher Lee

    Well, I actually just tried it for the first time Sunday when I couldn't find a case of Canada Dry or Seagram's (my preferred ale) After initially tasting it, I had mixed feelings about it. It doesn't have the crisp, dry taste that the other two have, but more of a mellow, almost fruity taste. It is alright, but I won't be going out of my way to get a case.

  9. Freak and Nitro TV

    Tim looks completely and utterly amazed that Tylor broke out the 3/4 point on his rating of Vernors 🙂 

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