#1 Home Brewing – INTRODUCTION

#1 Home Brewing – INTRODUCTION

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This is an essential video for ALL NEW HOME BREWERS! ! ! It’s also geared towards newer home brewers that are just starting out and are searching for new techniques and ways to improve their equipment, brewing procedures, fermentation processes, production, bottling, kegging and refrigeration.
VIDEO #1 Patrick ‘THE BEER BREWER’ explains and educates you on the BASICS OF HOME BREWING. Showing you step by step the experienced brewers methods on how to be a successful home brewer.
VIDEO #2 will be on BEER SELECTION, types of kits, ingredients from the malted barley to LME & DME, Hops, & yeast types.
VIDEO #3 will be on CLEANING & SANITATION, what types of products home brewers use, what kind of equipment to use for cleaning and sanitizing all the different pieces involved in the beer making process.
VIDEO #4 will be BREWING EQUIPMENT, from the types of stoves & gas, to your brew pot, thermometers, utensils, measuring devices, beaker, hydrometer vs. refractometer and much more.
VIDEO #5 will be BEER STORAGE during the fermentation process, bottling and kegging process.
VIDEO #6 will be on WORT CHILLING equipment and how to bring your wort from 212 degrees down to 72 degrees in the shortest amount of time.
VIDEO #7 will be the FERMENTATION PROCESS from the time you chill your wort, how to get it from your brew pot, measuring original gravity, what type of containers to use, how long it will take for LAGERS & ALES, what temperatures you should use to racking and ultimately bottling and kegging.
VIDEO #8 will be BOTTLING & KEGGING how to clean your bottles & kegs, how to get CO2 into your beer, how to cap and pressurize your containers and how to make labels for your bottles.
VIDEO #9 will be BEER ON TAP how to regulate your refrigerators, how to convert a freezer to a refrigerator or fermentation area.
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  1. I really want to encourage you to put up more videos. You are clean, neat and you have a good system. 

  2. Hi Patrick!
    Grettings  from Mexico, i saw your video and is awesome, very well explain, your storage, workstation is very good colocated, thank you very much to share !

  3. Love the video, great intro to what it generally takes to brew some beer! Thans from Holland.

  4. You know, i dont think it is a bad thing to speak slowly and clearly. One should consider that there aren't only english native speakers on the internet! Sometimes its quite hard to understand what those folks are saying in all these videos all over the internet! Good video! Thanks for the tips! Hope ill do my own beer soon!

  5. Thank You Melikesleepy!
    I'm just a simple man, nothing complex about me. I thought YouTube was the forum for amateur videos… for the non Hollywood scripted, spotlighted, makeup, fake, phonies we see on TV everyday. Thank You for watching and letting me know you actually enjoyed my video and found it helpful.

  6. Good comments; Thank You. I'm not an actor, nor work for Hollywood. I am not a professional and have never used a script (obviously). I'm a simple guy, just trying to do my best to hopefully educate people who have never made beer or would like to learn the process. Thanks for watching.

  7. Dude, you obviously know what you're doing, don't let the below response make you feel as though your video(s) are flawed in any way. I find them very helpful and informational.

  8. Let me respectfully request you write a script, and speak as though you are doing so to a person standing next to you while you video. Your speech pattern is a little slow like listening to someone speaking to a child. It's difficult to listen to. Since this is recorded, we can always go back and replay if we missed something

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